St. George Surgical Center (SGSC) is dedicated to providing every patient with a comfortable, intimate, and memorable surgical experience. We understand the stress and anxiety most patients feel when arriving for surgery can be overwhelming and often terrifying. As a result, our staff will make every accommodation to ensure that you feel at ease about your scheduled procedure from the time you enter our center, to the time you are discharged home. From the pleasant atmosphere of our waiting area to our four operating rooms, we have done our best to make sure you always feel like an individual. Patient safety is a top priority, as demonstrated by an extremely low infection rate of 0.037%, compared to the national average of 2.6%. SGSC’s 99.6% client satisfaction rate speaks volumes about how well our patients feel about their surgical experience. The biggest compliment we receive is when our patients come back to us for future procedures and when they recommend us to their family and friends.

SGSC physicians and staff are all board certified in their respective areas of expertise. Our services currently include the following types of surgery: plastic/cosmetic, eye, general, gynecology, ankle/foot, wrist/hand, colonoscopy/endoscopy, urology, and in-vitro fertilization. In addition, we are always looking for new ways to stay a head of other healthcare facilities through a constant commitment to innovation. Our commitment to innovation is manifested through cutting edge technology such as our recently purchased Centurion machines and our use of the LensX laser for eye surgery. In addition, a recent investment in our website has allowed us to be the first multi-specialty center in Utah to post prices for surgery online. This has made shopping for surgery more convenient to healthcare consumers while taking out the guess work of surgical costs. We currently have over 220 procedures posted online with one transparent price for surgery that includes the surgeon, surgery center, and anesthesia. These examples of innovation have allowed us to not only serve the healthcare needs of the greater St. George region for over 30 years, but also many areas around the United States and Canada.

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